Dolomiti Super Sun

Dolomiti Super Sun

17.03. – 08.04.2019

Sun on the Slopes!
Pleasantly warm temperatures and smooth
spring snow make for perfect skiing,... why not stay one day longer? After all, it’s on us! Enjoy7 days accommodation for the price of 6, and 6 days skiing for the price of 5.

Not valid in combination with Dolomiti Super Kids.

From 17th March to 8nd April 2019: 7 days skiing holiday at the price of 6
This means sun-skiing with one day free of charge: 7 days accommodation at the price of 6; with it, the perfect skipass for 6 days at the price of 5.

1st possible accommodation: 17th March 2019
1st possible skipass: 18th March 2019